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  • Lyle School District #406 is located in the Columbia River Gorge and serves the residents of Lyle, Dallesport, Appleton, High Prairie, Timber Valley, Murdock and the surrounding areas. Lyle School District offers a K-12 educational system for approximately 300 students throughout the school district.

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  • Lyle Senior, Philip Kilian, Completes Internship at Insitu

    Posted by Philip Kilian at 8/27/2016 9:30:00 AM

    Lyle Community Schools offers our students opportunities to "learn by doing." Senior Philip Kilian completed a summer internship at Insitu. Below is his reflection! Congrats Philip! Wishing you an amazing senior year and transition to college! Mr. K


    Hi, I’m Philip Kilian, and I am a Senior at Lyle High School. I would like to share with you the experience I had during my summer internship at Insitu. Insitu is an international company that manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV drones) and provides services operating these drones for customers, with a variety of different applications (both commercial and military). This summer, I had the opportunity to work as an IT (Information Technology) intern at Insitu, Inc. in Bingen, Washington. During my time at Insitu, I was exposed to the friendly, diverse, and hard-working culture of the company (which also happens to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boeing).


    This summer, I was based out of the Eagle Point facility, which is their largest office building in Bingen, as well as one of their main manufacturing locations. Every day, I assisted and worked alongside a diverse workforce from many different departments, as well as from many different parts of the world. I also made several intern friends this summer, many from east coast technical colleges, as well as some from the northwest. Becoming acquainted with such a diverse group of people was a very vital part of my internship, as their stories were an eye-opening extension of my learning experience and opportunity given to me by Insitu as well as the staff at the Lyle School District. This just goes to show how Insitu is an international organization, with connections all over the globe.


    As an IT intern, I spent most of my time either in the Eagle Point server room working on laptop repairs and preparations for new hires, or setting up workstations for those new hires throughout the Eagle Point building, as well as their office buildings on the main street of Bingen, and their office located at the Waucoma Center in Hood River, Oregon. I worked alongside a very qualified and hardworking group in the IT department, including my mentors who did a great job at giving me any help along the way, as well as providing me with the tools and knowledge to complete each task to the best of my ability.


    While there many tasks for me to do at my everyday job at Eagle Point, being an intern at Insitu also came with a variety of events and activities open to the many interns throughout the company. Among the events I participated in include a trip to Arlington, Oregon to watch a flight of their ScanEagle drone, which included both a launch and recovery of the UAV. Operators at the Arlington site also demonstrated the surveillance imaging capabilities of the drone, being controlled from inside a rapid response vehicle/truck. Even at low operating altitudes, the drone was very hard to spot in the clear skies that day. Another intern activity was a group intern project, where (approximately) ~50 interns were split up into ten groups to put together ideas to improve upon inefficiencies within the company, as well as to present their project idea to a board of executives. I was a part of group 10, the high school intern group. Since our group was the only high school team against nine college intern groups, I guess you could say we were the underdogs. While we prepared our presentations very late, my group advanced to the final three groups, which presented to several top executives within Insitu. While we didn’t place first, the fact that we (as high school underdogs) made it that far with little preparation was very satisfying, as well as a great opportunity to meet top dogs at Insitu.


    Overall, i had a very good experience interning at Insitu. The entire workforce was very friendly, cooperative, hardworking, and approachable. I am very fortunate to get the opportunity to work at a great company such as Insitu all summer long. I would like to thank my science teacher Mrs. Sholtis with approaching me about this opportunity and giving me a letter of recommendation, secretary Mrs. Machado and superintendent Mr. Kelly for getting us in contact with Insitu’s intern department, as well as math teacher Mr. Bister for giving me another letter of recommendation.  I greatly appreciate the support and opportunity given to me by the staff at Lyle School District. This was a great extension of my education this summer, and an opportunity I will not take for granted.


    Thank you for reading my short summer blog!

    Philip Kilian

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  • 2015-16 an Amazing Year In Lyle School District

    Posted by Andy Kelly at 6/27/2016

    2015-16 has been an amazing year in the Lyle School District! 260 brilliant minds in grades Pre-K to 12 worked hard this year to grow towards grade level standards and proficiency and beyond! Approximately 35 district staff members did everything in their power to ensure that in Lyle #ALLmeansALL. 

    We as a district proved that if we align systems and structures and approach each and every day with the belief that our kids in Lyle deserve the very best that kids deserve anywhere, our kids CAN do it!

    Thanks to Ms. Marvel and Ms. Kilian, we launched a new pre-kindergarten program that will ensure that even more of our kindergartners start school ready for success!

    Congratulations to 4th grade teacher, Lori Smith and secondary mathematics teacher, John Bister, who both are still in the running for Washington State Teacher of the Year! These two educators are great examples of the kind of amazing teachers that we have in Lyle.

    So appreciative of our K-5 staff who embraced a new instructional strategy and operated as a blended teaching team, one certificated and one classified staff member, to ensure that we have low class sizes to adult ratios and that each of our kids get exactly what they need...whether that is enrichment or remediation.

    Our K-6 teachers implemented a new ELA and Math curriculum this year ensuring that our kids are exposed to a rigorous curriculum aligned to the Washington State Learning Standards.

    Congratulations to our 19 high school graduates from the class of 2016 and each of the adults who worked tirelessly to support them for at least 13 years. Your persistence and grit will serve you well in the future.

    Our district is undergoing significant transition this summer by unifying our entire Pre K to 12 student body under a single roof at the Lyle Campus. Though this transition presents challenges, it also opens opportunities to continue to meet the needs of each of our kids in new and innovative ways.

    Lyle kids deserve an excellent educational experience in a school where every classroom is filled with an effective teacher and classified staff. Our kids deserve a trajectory that sets them up for high school graduation and life, careers, and a successful life as a contributing citizen!

    In Lyle- #ALLmeansALL


     For Kids,


    Andrew E. Kelly (Andy)



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